ED620 / ED630


   - منبع تغذیه: سه فاز AC380V±15%
   - توان نامی خروجی (کیلو وات): 1.2-4.0
   - ابعاد (میلی متر) : 300X166X115.5 300X166X125.5


Mode ED620/ED630
ED620-0120-XA-G-000 ED620-0150-XA-G-000 ED620-0180-XA-G-000 ED630-0250-XA-G-000 ED630-0300-XA-G-000 ED630-0400-XA-G-000
Main Supply Voltage 3-Phase AC380V±15%
Rated Power Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Control Power Supply DC24±10%,2A
Digital Signal Input DC24±10%,10mA
Digital Signal Output DC24±10%,0.5A
Analog Signal Snput -10V~+10V
Rated Output Power(KW) 1.2 1.5 1.8 2.5 3 4
Energy-Consumed Braking If the system generates an Over-Voltage alarm when it starts or stops sharply, add an external braking resistor to absorb the feedback energy of the motorW
Energy-Consumed Braking Voltage DC670±5V
Over-Voltage Alarm Voltage DC710±5V
Under-Voltage Alarm Voltage DC410±5V
Dimensions mm (H×W×D)  300X166X115.5 300X166X125.5
Weight 4.6 4.5
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Storage Temperature -10~70℃
Humidity 5~85%
Contamination Level 2
Protection Level IP20
Installation Environment Installed in a Dust-Free, Dry, and Lockable Environment (in a Electrical Cabinet, for Example)
Installation Mode Vertical Installation
Installation Altitude No Power Limit Under 1000m
Pressure 86~106kpa
Internal Programmable An Internal Space of 16.5 KB is Provided for 256 Sequences, Which can Save a Controller on some Occasions
External I/O 3 External Digital Outputs (24V,0.5A),the Target Position to Output or Alarm Output Function can be Implemented by Internal Programming;
8 External Digital Inputs, Supporting Internal Sequence Calling Via the Input Interface and Positioning Function
(input delay: about 1 ms; input current: about 4 mA)
Analog Input ne Differential Analog Input, Implementing Control over Motor Speed and Position by Analog Input; Input Voltage Range ± 10V, Input Delay: About 0.1 ms
Analog Output Two Independent Analog Outputs, Capable of Monitoring the Change of Internal Objects
Comparator Four Internal Comparators, with the Comparison Results to be Used to Trigger Program Sequences
Timer Supporting the Function of Triggering Sequences by Timer or Events
Counter Four Groups of Internal Counters, Which can be Set to Trigger Sequences
Calculator An Internal Calculator can be Used for Data Duplication, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division, and Logic Operation
Internal Oscilloscope The ECO2WIN Software Enables a User to Monitor Operation Parameters Such as Speed, Position and Current on a PC
Encoder Signal Output Function In a Master/Slave Control Mode, the Motor Encoder Signal or Master Encoder Signal can be the Input for the Slave Signal Encoder, with a Maximum Output Frequency of 2 MHz
Master Encoder Signal Input Function Programmable to be Pulse/Direction Signal Control, CW/CCWW Control, Electronic gear or Electronic Cam Control (5V Signal), with a Maximum Output Frequency of 2 MHz
Feedback Signal Incremental A, B, Z , /A, /B, /Z signal
RS232 9.6K Baud Rate, Supporting a Maximum of 15 Sites, and Supporting Direct Communication with a PC with the ECO2WIN Software, or Direct Communication with an eView Touch Screen or Text
RS485 38.4K Baud Rate, Supporting a Maximum of 15 Sites, and Communication Cables with a Length up to 400M
CAN BUS Maximum Baud Rate of 1M, and Supporting a Maximum of 127 Sites
PROFIBUS DP Maximum Baud Rate of 12M, and Supporting a Maximum of 127 Sites



File name File type Format Datetime Downloads
Kinco Products Catalog Product catalog zip 2012-08-03
CE Certificate- PLC、servo 、stepper Certification and others rar 2012-07-12
ED Servo Driver User Manual V2.1 User manual zip 2011-05-19
ED Servo Catalog Product catalog zip 2011-05-19
ECO2FLASH (Firmware Updating Software) Software zip 2011-05-19
ECO2LOAD Import and Export Software) Software zip 2011-05-19
ECO2WIN Software zip 2011-05-19
Update package of ECO2WIN Software zip 2011-05-19

File name File type Format Datetime Downloads